Environmental Sustainability Statement

J&J Snack Foods Corp. and its subsidiaries (“J&J” or the “Company”) is fully committed to reducing energy expenditure and carbon footprint across all operations, increasing usage of recyclable products and renewable energy sources, and limiting the amount of waste released into local communities. J&J complies with all relevant regulatory requirements and aggressively strives towards continual improvement within its workplace.

Specific actions taken in support of sustainability include those described below:


Energy Use Minimization

  • Refrigeration compressors now have soft starts to help reduce an in-rush of power and save on electrical usage
  • Continued conversion from fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting
  • Installed energy efficient Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) speed air compressor units


Water Utilization and Conservation

  • Flow regulators put in place to reduce water usage
  • Usage of both CIP and COP systems to streamline cleaning processes reducing excessive water usage
  • Installed holding tanks with eco-bionics to reduce solids in the waste water, as well as the addition of caustics to adjust the pH level


Packaging and Waste Reduction

  • Redesigned packaging utilizing approximately 15% less plastic than previous clamshell, leading to smaller footprint and annual usage
  • Purchased packaging from regions not at risk for deforestation and utilized fiberboard made from recyclable materials
  • Reduced the amount of waste being sent to landfills through recycling efforts


We have taken steps to minimize the environmental impact of our activities from supply chain to production. We communicate our environmental commitment to our clients, customers, and employees, and encourage them to generate a substantial change to increase transparency in supply chains and raise awareness for sustainability.