Happy (Fun) New Year

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Your assignment for 2023—have more fun.
Ok, we get it. January isn’t normally the time to double down on fun. New Year’s resolutions often push fun to the sidelines for a while. 
Even so, as we turn the page into 2023, we suggest that you reconsider.
At J&J Snack Foods, we’re serious about fun.  
Our mantra is “Fun Served Here,” and we serve up fun daily inside our workplace and out into the market.
Turns out we may be onto something.
With proven health advantages of reduced stress, better sleep, increased serotonin levels, and a host of other benefits, fun truly is a part of a positive health strategy. 
  • A recent Harvard study says the positive emotions associated with fun can help people lead longer, healthier lives.
  • A Mayo Clinic study credits fun with increased happiness and resilience across one’s lifespan.
At JJSF, we serve up snacks that bring fun to everyday occasions, creating “mini vacations” that transport you to your favorite emotions, places, and memories. 
Home to some of America’s favorite brands including SUPERPRETZEL, ICEE, Dippin’ Dots, ¡Hola! Churros, LUIGI’S Real Italian Ice and more, our products add to the fun wherever you might be. 
We also proudly offer Whole Fruit juice cups and bars, free from added sugar and artificial ingredients. And our new Dogsters frozen novelties are low-cal, perfect everyday treats for your favorite furry friend.
So go ahead, make room for a little fun in those 2023 resolutions.
We’ll bring the snacks.

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